Bitcoin OI Surges: Why You Need to Watch Closely

Bitcoin Open Interest - All Exchanges, All Symbol

According to the latest data from Cryptoquant, open interest reached 9.902 billion last Wednesday, seemingly in line with the recent surge in the price of bitcoin (BTC). This was the first time such a figure had been reached …

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TIA Bybit Listing: Explore the World of Celestia

Celestia Mainnet is Live

TIA Bybit Listing Listed on the Bybit exchange, Celestia is trading at $2.37, up 374% from the previous day. TIA has been trading on cryptocurrency exchanges KuCoin and Bybit’s USDT market since Tuesday. Looking at the market trends …

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UN Report: Bitcoin & Mining Energy Connection

Bitcoin Mining / Wikipedia

Bitcoin & Mining Energy United Nations released a study that examines the relationship between the price of bitcoin and the energy consumption associated with bitcoin mining.   A summary is provided below: – United Nations Study: The United …

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[WalletConnect Career] Product Manager


WalletConnect Career LOCATION Remote – Lisbon, Portugal JOB TYPE Full-Time ROLE Product Manager KEYWORDS Product   Description WalletConnect is the de facto web3 communications protocol allowing interoperability between wallets and dapps across chains. We began with a single …

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[Moonpay Career] Senior Revenue Accountant


Moonpay Career LOCATION USA – REMOTE JOB TYPE Full-Time ROLE Senior Revenue Accountant KEYWORDS MoonPay, Revenue Accountant   About MoonPay 🌖💸 We are MoonPay. Architects of the future, inventors, artists, and authors of innovation. Our vision? To unlock …

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Gitcoin Direct Grants: Empowering Web3 Project Support

Gitcoin Direct Grants

Gitcoin Introduces ‘Direct Grants’ Cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform Gitcoin has announced on its official website that it has introduced Direct Grants. Direct Grants are different from traditional grants in that they can be awarded solely by the sponsoring entity, …

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[Offchain Labs Career] Partnerships Manager – Success Management

offchain labs

Offchain Labs Career LOCATION REMOTE JOB TYPE Full-Time ROLE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT KEYWORDS REMOTE, BD, Offchain Labs, Partnerships Manager, Success Management Offchain Labs has developed a suite of scaling solutions for Ethereum. This includes Arbitrum, an Optimistic Rollup, that …

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