Blockchain Donations: Catalyst for Social Change in Light of Recent Conflicts

Blockchain Donations

With the recent outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas, cryptocurrency and blockchain donations are back in the spotlight. The escalating military conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas is impacting some cryptocurrency companies as they attempt to raise funds to help Israeli citizens. This situation is providing an opportunity to use cryptocurrency and blockchain to enable donations and enhance responses to social issues.

Donations are being raised in cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC. These cryptocurrency donations can revolutionize traditional giving, connecting donors and beneficiaries directly and providing a transparent record of transactions. This provides transparency for donor organizations and increases the efficiency of donations.


Blockchain as a Donation Method

In the past, financial support for donations was primarily cash-based, but recently, cryptocurrency and blockchain-based donations have gained more traction. These donation methods enable secure and fast donations, even in times of financial system instability. Blockchain can also increase the credibility of donor organizations by providing a transparent record of all activities, from fundraising to final disbursement.


Example of Blockchain-Enabled Giving

One example of blockchain-enabled giving is asset manager VanEck. It plans to donate 10% of its Ethereum Strategic ETF to The Protocol Guild to reward the efforts of Ethereum contributors. CryptoRelief is also leveraging blockchain to help donate to the COVID-19 pandemic response through cryptocurrency. UNICEF has established a crypto fund to support global child relief efforts utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrency. The Red Cross is using blockchain in its blood donation drive to track blood donations and provide transparency to donors.

These examples of blockchain-enabled donations, along with advances in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, are helping to increase the efficiency of donation activities and strengthen responses to social issues. Blockchain is making a big difference in the cryptocurrency and donation space and is expected to be utilized in more social change movements in the future.


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