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Open Source, Blockchain, Web3, Information Security, Cybersecurity


The Role

The Purpose
As the Security Consultant at Gitcoin, you will be the primary leader for all security initiatives, responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive security strategy. This pivotal role ensures the security of Gitcoin’s technology, projects, and collaborative development platforms, maintaining the organization’s integrity and trust.

Why This Role is Compelling
This position offers the unique opportunity to lead and innovate in the security landscape of Gitcoin. This role is ideal for someone passionate about security, blockchain technology, and shaping the future of our community protection in a dynamic, rapidly evolving sector.


Who Would Be a Fit

An individual who thrives in decentralized, flexible, and fast-paced work environments.
Someone with deep knowledge of cybersecurity risks, incident response, and digital asset protection.
A proactive contributor with excellent organizational and strategic planning skills.



Develop and implement a unified security strategy across all Gitcoin platforms and workstreams.
Lead incident response initiatives and mitigate cybersecurity risks.
Collaborate with various teams to ensure a cohesive and effective security posture.
Continuously update and improve security practices in response to evolving threats and technologies.



Cybersecurity strategy and implementation.
Decentralized system security.
Risk management and incident response.
Security policy development and enforcement.
Collaboration with technology, development, and governance teams.



Lead the development and execution of Gitcoin’s security strategy.
Manage security risks and coordinate incident response efforts.
Ensure compliance with relevant security policies and regulations.
Collaborate with internal teams and external partners to strengthen Gitcoin’s security posture.
Provide regular updates and reports on security initiatives and status.


Communication & Community Engagement Strategy

Share security updates on DAO-wide calls.
Engage with the community on DAO proposals and financial execution, including collaboration with wallet guardians.
Host monthly Twitter Spaces to discuss security updates and trends with the community.


Use of Security Systems

Utilize Doppel or other tools for detecting phishing and brand cyber attacks on emerging channels, and efficiently manage their resolution.
Continuously monitor and adapt security tools and systems to meet Gitcoin’s evolving security needs.
Onboarding Support for new team members (wallet and 1Password security, etc).
Facilitate the onboarding of new security team members, ensuring they are well-versed in Gitcoin’s security protocols and culture.
Provide ongoing training and support to maintain high security standards across the organization.


Regular Audits

Conduct regular audits of wallets and systems to ensure the security of digital assets and technological infrastructure.
Implement proactive measures based on audit findings to mitigate potential security risks.


Capabilities/Skill Requirements

Proven experience in security leadership, preferably in decentralized systems and DAOs.
Strong understanding of security frameworks, incident response, and risk management.
Ability to lead, motivate, and collaborate within a decentralized organization.
Excellent strategic planning and communication skills.


Key Relationships

Product Teams: For aligning security with technological advancements.
Executive Leadership: For strategic direction and resource allocation.
Legal and Compliance Teams: To ensure adherence to security regulations and standards.
Community and External Partners: For collaborative security initiatives and external audits.


What We Offer:

Competitive salary and benefits.
Opportunity to lead in a high-impact role at the forefront of blockchain technology.
Fully remote and flexible work environment.
Dynamic and innovative team committed to security and excellence.



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