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Lightspark is seeking an experienced Compliance Lead. As a Compliance Lead, you will lead key efforts to build and maintain compliance and risk management programs.. You will be responsible for leading regulatory licensing and compliance program development. The role will also involve managing and providing input into regulatory and third-party diligence workstreams. You must be hands on and strategic, as your work will involve building new program materials and enhancing existing programs for new types of payment technologies. This is a unique opportunity to make a significant impact within a rapidly evolving industry and contribute to our company’s success.


What you’ll be doing?

  • Design, develop and implement compliance and risk management programs
  • Oversee regulatory licensing processes across jurisdictions
  • Manage and monitor regulatory and industry compliance developments for change management and compliance purposes
  • Conduct risk assessments to identify potential compliance issues, develop mitigation strategies, and create a culture of compliance awareness throughout the organization
  • Manage and respond to diligence requests from regulatory authorities, partners and third parties in a timely and accurate manner
  • Develop and update compliance policies, procedures, processes and guidelines
  • Provide training and educational resources to employees on compliance related topics to foster a culture of compliance awareness and understanding
  • Manage and maintain detailed records of compliance activities, prepare reports for senior management and regulatory authorities and ensure transparency in compliance efforts
  • Assist with internal and external audits related to compliance matters working closely with auditors to provide necessary documentation and information



What you’ll have:

  • 7+ years of experience in the same or similar positions
  • Experience working with relevant regulators
  • Experience working collaboratively in a fast moving, cross-functional team environment
  • Experience with compliance software and tools, including blockchain analytics tools
  • Detail-oriented with a strong analytical mindset
  • Experience leading and influencing other in the adoption of compliance best practices
  • Juris Doctor and ACAMS certification are a plus



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