[Optimism Career] Core Dev Manager

We are the team of contributors at the Optimism Foundation. Our mission is to bootstrap the decentralized governance and development of the Optimism Collective.

We’re looking for a technical leader to own and grow Optimism’s core development program. This individual will be responsible for stewarding development of the OP Stack by coordinating between high-caliber engineering organizations across the Collective. This role requires a unique blend of engineering leadership, technical expertise, and open source management skills.



  • Work with leadership at OP Labs, Optimism Foundation, and the Collective community to draft a comprehensive roadmap for the OP Stack.
  • Help define requirements and product specifications of key features on the roadmap.

Project Management

  • Coordinate between Optimism’s core development teams to assign projects, drive progress, unblock teams, and ensure quality delivery of key roadmap features.
  • Facilitate open discussion of Optimism’s roadmap, prioritization, and execution plan.
  • Communicate broadly with the Optimism community to share progress and create awareness of upcoming technical milestones.

Community & Contribution Management

  • Recruit core development teams, help them get up and running, and overall be responsible for their success as contributors to the OP Stack.
  • Help core devs be successful. Connect engineering teams with the right resources to answer their questions, make sure projects are clearly defined, and identify where process prevents progress.
  • Track open RFPs and manage relationships with the external teams working on them.
  • Work with OP Labs Engineering team and Foundation’s Contributions team to define and iterate on open source contribution processes & guidelines.


  • Support protocol upgrade governance proposals by writing documentation, answering questions, hosting community calls, and generally creating buy-in throughout Token House and Citizens’ House voters/delegates.


  • Experience coordinating and delivering complex large-scale software projects. Maybe you’ve worked as a principal engineer, engineering manager, CTO, or technical program manager.
  • Strong technical background with a solid understanding of web3 software development, blockchain platforms, and system design.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, with the ability to convey complex technical concepts clearly and effectively.
  • Experience with core development processes or open source software maintenance is a plus, but not required.
  • Ability to work outside the United States.



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