Tether’s New CEO Takes on RWA: A Game-Changing Challenge in the Making

Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s New CEO 

Stablecoin issuer Tether has announced that its new CEO Paolo Ardoino will “build a Real World Ecosystem” with X. Ardoino is the new CEO of Tether.

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Previously, Tether named Paolo Ardoino as its new CEO, with former CEO Jean-Louis transitioning to an advisory role. These changes come as Tether continues to grow, especially during Ardoino’s tenure, with its market capitalization increasing from less than $100 million to $83.5 billion since 2020.

Who is Paolo Ardoino?

  • Career: Paolo Ardoino has a rich and diverse professional background, having held a variety of roles related to Bitfinex and Tether. With his extensive experience, he has made significant contributions to both companies as their CTO, driving the advancement of technology and blockchain development.
  • Achievements: Paolo Ardoino’s exceptional leadership has been pivotal in the remarkable growth of Tether. His strategic vision and expertise have played a crucial role in the substantial increase in Tether’s market capitalization. Since assuming the role of CTO, Tether has witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity, with USDT becoming widely accepted across numerous exchanges and platforms.
  • Vision: Paolo Ardoino is deeply committed to transforming Tether into a cutting-edge technology company that will shape the future of finance. He aims to propel the global influence of the US dollar and facilitate its seamless integration into emerging markets. Paolo Ardoino envisions Tether as the forefront leader in the realm of financial technology.
  • Blockchain Industry Involvement: Paolo Ardoino is an active and prominent figure in the dynamic blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. With a profound understanding of both the technical and business aspects, he possesses invaluable expertise. Paolo Ardoino’s pivotal role in Tether and Bitfinex positions him as a key influencer, shaping the future direction and accomplishments of these revolutionary companies.

Jean-Louis van der Velde said:
“Paolo is extremely well-suited to lead Tether into this exciting new era. I believe Tether is poised to continue its rapid growth, with a continued focus on emerging markets and transformative technology. I think I can speak for the entire company when I say that we eagerly anticipate Paolo’s leadership as he guides Tether toward a future where finance knows no bounds.”

Paolo Ardoino, who has served as Tether’s CTO since 2017, emphasizes Tether’s role as a “technology powerhouse.” Ardoino also aims to expand the dollar’s influence in global trade and transactions, with a focus on its usefulness in emerging markets.


What are the implications?

The change in leadership and the company’s goals suggest a commitment to continued growth and innovation in the stablecoin market and the broader blockchain and fintech industry.


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