On-chain: BTC Shows Signals of Bull Market in 2024

BTC Mayer Multiple

Bull Market in 2024? Recent on-chain indicators suggest that Bitcoin is not yet overvalued and could continue to rise next year. Bitcoin’s strong gains this week were met with resistance and a brief pause. After hitting a yearly …

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Bitcoin OI Surges: Why You Need to Watch Closely

Bitcoin Open Interest - All Exchanges, All Symbol

According to the latest data from Cryptoquant, open interest reached 9.902 billion last Wednesday, seemingly in line with the recent surge in the price of bitcoin (BTC). This was the first time such a figure had been reached …

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RWA: Blockchain’s Next Game-Changer?


What is RWA? There’s a new food for thought in the blockchain market. It’s called real-world tokens (RWA). RWA refers to the recording of ownership of physical assets such as gold, real estate, and artwork on the blockchain. …

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