UN Report: Bitcoin & Mining Energy Connection

Bitcoin Mining / Wikipedia

Bitcoin & Mining Energy United Nations released a study that examines the relationship between the price of bitcoin and the energy consumption associated with bitcoin mining.   A summary is provided below: – United Nations Study: The United …

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Gitcoin Direct Grants: Empowering Web3 Project Support

Gitcoin Direct Grants

Gitcoin Introduces ‘Direct Grants’ Cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform Gitcoin has announced on its official website that it has introduced Direct Grants. Direct Grants are different from traditional grants in that they can be awarded solely by the sponsoring entity, …

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Hedera Sustainability: A Comprehensive Examination

Sustainability of Hedera

Hedera Sustainability Sustainability of Hedera. Hedera’s network is known for its low energy consumption, making it more sustainable compared to some other blockchain platforms. This sustainability aspect can be particularly appealing for applications and solutions focused on environmental …

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Does Bitcoin Mining Contribute to Environmental Pollution?

Bitcoin Mining - Core Scientific

Claims that Bitcoin mining pollutes the environment continue to stir up controversy, especially with allegations that Bitcoin mining has a negative impact on the environment, raising concerns among those who don’t know much about cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a …

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